Welcome to KGL Innovative Services, LLC

What Makes Us Different:

The personnel that a service company employs will ultimately dictate the level of professionalism and service provided.  That is why all of us at KGL-Innovative Services, LLC takes pride in our employees.  They are experienced and motivated to provide the absolute best service possible.


KGL-Innovative Services, LLC provides a format of in-house and on-the-job training for the installation of various furniture lines.  We encourage novice installers to work on a number of small assignments with more experienced personnel so that they may gain field experience while attending regular scheduled in-house training sessions to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

Method and Procedures:

Our goal is to successfully complete each assignment on time … every time.  Over the years our personnel have implemented many sophisticated and time-tested procedures that have proven to effectively guide a move from the pre-planning stage to the final move-in, on time!

Much of the success is due to KGL-Innovative Services implementing one of the first the 60/40 mix of labor to support. This unique combination allows us to develop work orders, post-job check sheets, and clients surveys, which help to guarantee success.

Consistent Emphasis On Quality:

Our management team’s emphasis on quality is consistent.  As indicated in our Mission Statement, we strive to provide the highest quality relocation and installation services as well as quality used and new office furniture.


We offer a one-stop shopping atmosphere that provides less of a burden and ensures minimum down time.
Management Philosophy:

The overall management philosophy of KGL-Innovative Services, LLC. is to provide high quality services through a disciplined structured approach that involves upper management in each project.